Sunday, 22 July 2012

Sunday Roundup


So it appears to have been a week again already, how did that happen so quickly?! On with the pros and cons we go then...

  • Work is going really quite well at the moment. I seem to be picking up quite nicely now that I actually have stock in! I like that the counter is doing well when I'm in but doesn't really sell anything when I'm not there....this means that I might get more hours soon! I would prefer to be full time there as doing 4 hours shifts can be quite boring to be honest. However, I'm really enjoying the job and love the products too, which is a huge bonus!

  • Since moving house I've actually lost a little bit of weight, which pleases me an awful lot! Because where I live now is practically in town, I've been walking pretty much everywhere so I'm feeling a bit fitter too! Also because my shifts at work are so short, I've not been eating half the crap that I used to on my lunch breaks which makes all the difference too. I actually thought I'd gain weight living here as you can actually get take away places to deliver to your home (a thing that did not happen in my old house as we were just that tiny bit too far out of town) but since living here I've had one take away and that was a treat because I had some friends over. I'm pretty impressed with myself to be honest and I'm hopeful that I'll have the will power to keep this up as I'd like to mainly firm up a bit but also lose a bit of weight just to eel more comfortable in my own skin. I might do a weekly post on my efforts to force me into being motivated. This way if I feel like there are people out there judging me I'll feel bad for letting you down! Haha! That's some good logic right??

  • I'm feeling very motivated today as it's my first proper day off where I haven't actually had anything planned. It's quite a nice feeling really! I plan on doing the dreaded measurements of my body (I will later cry into a cheesecake when I realise how large those numbers are....) The measuring myself like this was an idea that Leanne gave me and I think it'll be better than weighing myself as I know that your weight can fluctuate during the day anyway and I know how crap I am at remembering to do anything at the same time every day! I also plan to organise my room a little more so I don't feel like I still have a few things to unpack. I also have a little project that I need to do for work which involves me organising all my notes and bits into one easy to read booklet for myself so that I feel more organised at work. Whether this will all happen today or not I don't know....I recently signed up or a free month of Netflix and frankly, there's a LOT of films that I haven't seen! It's addictive and such a bad time waster.....but I love it!

  • I went to see The Dark Knight Rises after work the other day. One of the girls at work described me as "brave, independent and confident" (not all at once..I'm paraphrasing here) because I was going alone. Clearly she doesn't know me at all! I'm just really good at faking all those things really! I actually quite enjoy going to the cinema alone. I know some of you might think this is weird but it can be quite nice to just sit and chill watching a film alone. The only downside is when you come out and you want to talk to someone about said film. Much like I wanted to after seeing the latest Batman film. Now then, I'm an avid Superman fan and I get angry/annoyed when someone calls Batman a superhero. He's NOT a superhero, he doesn't have super powers ok? (please, let's not argue over this...) Anyway, I've not been super hyped by the latest "dark" Batman films..not because they are "darker" than the others (Urm...hello? Anyone see the first two Tim Burton directed films?! Those are pretty damn dark!) but because I always felt that they just draaaaaaaaged on and on. They were too long and just didn't hold my attention really. Plus Christian Bale's "I'm Batman" voice really irritates me! So I went to the film expecting to be annoyed by it and kind of thinking "If it wasn't a free ticket I could be at home..." Basically, I wasn't expecting to like it much (even though Bane is my FAVOURITE Batman villain) But I came out of the cinema feeling utterly overwhelmed with awe. It was so well done and, from a cinematography point of view, utterly beautiful. I mean, the abundance of hot men was a bonus (also Anne Hathaway looks amazing in a cat suit! Plus her heels are nice too...) but the whole film was just beautifully shot. The storyline was so-so as it was a little ridiculous at some points. I mean, why does Batman never really get rid of villains? It's like with Lex Luthor in Superman does he always manage to escape from a guy with the ultimate selection of powers?! Obviously a degree of suspension of disbelief was needed for this film, but other than that I was incredibly impressed. The last time I was really blown away by a piece of "modern" (blockbuster type) film was with Harry Potter and the Order o the Phoenix. Now then I don't want to give away the plot of that film to anyone who hasn't seen it/read the books but when that major death happens in the film it is BEAUTIFULLY shot. Just stunning. However, this has now been replaced with the first fight scene between Batman and Bane. Christ. I was so enthralled that I was literally leaning forward in my chair. It's an epic fight and with epic fights, usually comes epic music. But no. This scene was silent except for the sound of thumps and the occasional grunt from Batman. It was just...well...amazingly done. Tom Hardy as Bane was incredible as well. His acting was amazing (as it is in pretty much all of his films I think. Have you seen Bronson?? Amazing.) And the reveal of Bane's back story made me do a little bit of a cry (I have no shame with my emotions when watching movies) It's the first film in quite a while that has made me want to do a u-turn when coming out of the cinema so that I can go and see it again. I'm really hoping that the new Superman movie next year makes me feel the same. Anyway, I seem to have done a little film rant here! Just go and see it. Even if you don't think it'll be your thing, just go. It's so good and quite funny in places too. It also wraps up the whole trilogy really nicely too (Although totally saw that coming a mile off with Joseph Gordon Levitt's character....) Let me know what you think if you have seen it/go to see it soon!

  • My favourite band is back in the UK and I will be getting tickets soon for their gig in Oxford! I'm so unbelievably excited and will spend the entire night with a smile plastered on my face. It's not until September but I'm already just so excited!! For anyone interested my favourite band is Motion City Soundtrack. If you haven't heard of them then you should check out some of their stuff!

  • The usual stuff really. Probably best to just go and read the last years worth of Sunday roundups really.

  • It's no secret that I really do get a bit pissy about the lack of replies to texts when I've asked important questions. However, I then over analyse and think that I'm being a bit "mental" because that's how I perceive myself. However, one of my friends at work this week pointed out that, actually I was just having a normal reaction to this and that I was far from mental. I know it might seem strange to some of you, but to have someone really point that out to you can make me suddenly go "Oh. It's actually not me.....huh....that's....odd. Nice, but odd." I pretty much assume most things are my fault (old habits die hard right?) so when someone points out that it's ok to be having that kind of reaction to someone ignoring me, it can be quite reliving in a way. I will still slip back into that old "it's always me" habit and I hate that someone can make me feel like that, yet I'm too weak to be able to just be done. This then sets my depression off and that's not fun for anyone. Good god that's depressing isn't it?! Haha! I'm sorry for off loading that horribly blah sentiment on you guys! I'll so a nice NOTD post to make up for it soon!
So that's my week condensed to a small lot of pros and cons! How have you all been? Anyone seen/going to see the new Batman film??

Until next time,

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