Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Review: Clinique Eyeshadow Sample and Dior Addict Lipstick!


So it seems I've got the blogging bug this week (ie I have a few days off work and feel a little productive for once!...also I have pretty new things that I want to show off...)

Today I'm going to be blogging about a Clinique Eyeshadow sample set and a Dior Lipstick that I brought a few weeks ago. I brought the Dior lipstick on our Mega week for the extra 10% off (plus I was going out that night and as the lovely Toyah on Dior had done my make-up for me, I had to buy the lipstick to top it up during the night...right???) I also got my 20% staff discount on top, which was nice. I'm not very good at actually spending lots of money on one item...I prefer to spend lots of money and come away with serveral items instead! The Clinique eyeshadow set was a bit of a swap with my friend on the Clinique counter at work. She has lots of ex-gift samples to give away as incentives to get her customers to spend more (I would totally spend more for some of her samples!!) Long story short - I dropped an eyeshadow on my counter (all down myself too...I looked like I was half glitter fairy! Haha!) and there was a bit left in the pot. Instead of just chucking it away, I popped it in a sample pot for Hayley as it's her favourite eyeshadow and she gave me this sample as a thank you! I've never used Clinique eyeshadows before so I wasn't sure what to expect really. She gave me the option of a green set or a purple set, and as I don't own any purple eyeshadow sets, I went with that one.

The simple yet lovey outer packaging.

The set comes with a handy guide as to where to put all the eyeshadows. So even if you're a complete novice, you can still have a go with them! I like that it came with 2 mini brushes, as this will be handy if I ever actually go away!

The colours with flash on. 
1. Single Shade from Blackberry Frost Duo.
2. Single Shade from Blackberry Frost duo.
3. Dark Denim Stay Matte.
Hayley had told me that this sample was pretty awesome as it was basically a full size product with extras. Pretty happy with that!

Swatches of the colours with flash on. I took these pictures today but it's been SO cloudy and dreary that I couldn't take them without the flash on. Winter is clearly upon us!

Now then, I wasn't 100% sold on the purple colours but I'm trying to step out of my comfort zone with my make-up on days off as I pretty much wear the exact same thing for work (mainly because I haven't had my allocation yet and therefore only have one Bare Minerals eyeshadow to wear to work at the moment. I'm not a big fan of putting my make-up on at work as I think it looks a tad unprofessional personally...) However, as these aren't super pigmented (unless you build them) I thought it would be easy to ease myself into wearing purple on my eyes.

Here is a lovely picture of the colours on my eyes. I have used the brushes and followed the guide so you can see what it looks like with the recommended look. I was surprised how much I liked these colours up to the brow bone, as I normally don't do that when doing my eyeshadow. Apologies for my dead eyes. not sure why I look a bit creepy in this picture!

Closed eye shot. For reference, I'm also wearing two coats of the Clinique High Impact Mascara, which I also got as a sample (basically I barely ever buy high end make-up and just live off samples! Haha!) I was actually quite impressed with this mascara, even though I thought the brush wand would annoy me. I think it really gives length to my eyelashes but isn't clumpy with it. I ended up really liking these purple eyeshadows and would definitely rock this look during both the day and night (although I would use better brushes as I find small ones annoying to use!)

On to the Dior lisptick! I will be keeping it in it's box because if I'm going to spend lots of money on a lipstick, I'm damn well going to let people know I have a Dior lipstick by having to get it out of it's box every time! Haha! I also got a couple of samples of the Capture Totale face cream. It's really lovely but's £110 so I won't be buying that one in a rush!

Dior Addict Lipstick 579 - Must Have. Sorry again for the hideous flash usage on this picture. The box is just so damn shiny! Also bonus points for spotting the finger print on the lid....lovely.

The packaging is super cute and looks pretty damn classy (well I think so anyway...) This isn't your average Natural Collection lipstick packaging! (I have such an addiction to Natural Collection Lipsticks, but the packaging isn't this classy in any way. Although I wouldn't expect it to be for 1.79!) I do find the tip on this lipstick a little frustrating as I do have quite a defined (pointy) cupids bow area, so I find round ended lipsticks difficult to work with sometimes.

As you can see (maybe not...damn you weather!!) "Must Have"is a subtle pinky shade with a silver shimmer in it. It's quite glossy and actually feels more like a balm on my lips than a lipstick. It's unlike any colour I own at the moment and I love it. However, I will always be on the look out for a cheaper alternative (or a better paid job...whichever comes first!) just because I simply can not justify spending £24 on one lisptick. Even with staff discount it's still pretty pricey! I actually paid £17.28 with all the discounts that day, and yes I may love this shade of lipstick but still.....£17.28?! I could've come away with 17 things from the MUA stand in Superdrug you know?? I'm such a tight wad with money sometimes....(just don't look at my nail polish spending habits ok??) I am currently having a little bit of a spend on myself with higher end products but only because I'm having a stressful time and am spending to feel good. Not sure that's really the way to go to be honest!!

Here is the Dior lipstick on my lips. See what I mean about a defined cupids bow area? Pointy top lips! I love how it's a beautiful subtle pink without being too light (I'm not a fan of baby pink lips on myself) and I also love how the silver shimmer shows up without being an intense glitter look.

Now then, do I love this lipstick? Yes I do. Would I spend £24 on it again? Maybe if I had a full time job (that is the dream one day! Haha!) If I found a cheaper alternative would I buy that instead? Hell yes I would. I mean, I do love this lipstick but it's staying power is a bit shit really. I mean, compared to Barry M or Natural collection, it just doesn't stay on. However, Barry M and Natural Collection don't do this sort of it's difficult to compare. Personally, I would rather pay for Barry M and not have the, albeit beautiful, finish that this lipstick has. But that's mainly because I chew my lips quite a bit and Barry M has got SUCH good staying power for me. I do however, highly recommend this lipstick for people who prefer balm type lispticks and who are looking for higher end products. I would be interested to try the other Dior lipsticks to see what the staying power is like for those ones, but I just don't see myself spending that kind of money on a lipstick that I'm going to have to keep reapplying ever half an matter how classy the packaging makes me feel!

So what do you guys think? Yay or nay to the eyeshadow and lipstick? Is high end stuff really worth the price counter charge for it? (Incredibly hypocritical for me to say as I work on a make-up counter but I do find the Bare Minerals stuff I have is lasting me WAY longer than any other high end stuff has (unless I've barely used it!) I mean, my 2g pot of foundation has lasted me 4 months now and I use it every day! That means the 8g pot should last a year! Not bad going for £24 really. Haha! Look at me trying to justify my rambling....Sorry!!)

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