Sunday, 2 September 2012

Sunday Roundup


So it's been a while since I've done one of these because I've been overwhelmingly busy/stressed/incredibly unhappy...none of which leads to a particularly great blogging mood. However, I'm determined to increase my mood by setting myself regular, easy to reach goals Such as: Blog twice a week. It's not difficult to achieve that really! I've also set myself little exercise goals too in order to help myself lose just that little bit of weight things like: take the damn stairs instead of being lazy and taking the lift up 2 floors at work!(Unless I'm running late for work...then all is fair! I need to clock in on time in order to be paid and not be docked pay at all!) Taking the stairs down as well has definitely helped out with toning my legs and bum a little bit so far! Result! Anyway, these little goals are helping me get back on track and to not feel quite so stressed out with my life. I know that might be a weird concept to some people but actually having a focus and something to achieve in my week basically stops me from just sitting around and moping...however, I have to be careful not to set myself too many goals/hard to reach goals as it can end up stressing me out further.. Basically, being a grown up is hard!! Haha! Anyway, on to the original point of this post....

  • I'm now back home and feeling much happier now than when I was living away from home. I'm not saying that I'll never move out again (certain things are already driving me mad!) but my mistake was moving into someone else's home. I would rather move into my own place or into a new place with friends. There was a lot of bullshit on the day I was moving out, and frankly, I'm too old for things like shitty facebook statuses about me (one of my friends from work totally defended me though, which was SUPER nice of her and made me feel better) I mean really, who does things like that when they're almost 30?? Ridiculous. Anyway, I'm back home and not as depressed as I was at all and that's all that matters really!

  • I had an amazing week at work last week. I'm only part time (22.5 hours....ugh! I want full time so badly!) but I made £1067 in 5 days! I was so damn happy!! My actual target is £850 but I'd been on a personal mission to reach £1000, so to have done this in just over 2 months of being there made me very happy indeed! (For reference, Benefit has a full time member of staff and does anywhere from £1200 - £1500 per week and Lancome also has a full time member of staff and does anywhere from £800 - £1400 per week roughly and both of these are counters that do sell themselves on days off. So to have reached just over £1000 was a pretty big deal for me! Imagine what I could've made if I was full time!) I'm hoping that this will continue and then might help when my review comes up, and might even lead to going full time there. In that £1000 I also hit all my skincare and Ready (new pressed eyeshadows/blushers etc) targets I basically had a fab week all round at work! Unfortunately, I'm on training on Tuesday so I won't be at work much (the 7.5 hours comes out of my work week, leaving me with 15 hours...then I did 5.5 today...leaving me with 9.5 hours for the week. 4 hours in Thursday and 5.5 on Saturday doesn't bode well for making another £1000 this week! Haha! I made £285 today though so.....nah, not even close!) I've had a lot of big sales this week which helped with this (one lady brought 12 items!) but I've had a lot of people just coming in for one thing and I've managed to coerce them into buying more (should I feel guilty for this??) I've had a lot of customers coming in because of word of mouth of the counter and as one lady said "well my friend came here last week and said how friendly you were so I'm here to try your products and feel relaxed like she did!" too which makes me feel a little shiny on the inside! (Also a little creeped out that people come to me to feel relaxed!)

  • I FINALLY had my hair cut this week! I no longer have a ridiculous mop of hair!! I do however, now have the hair of an 11 year old boy....pros and cons right?? I know in a week or so I'll like it again but at the moment it's pretty short on one side! Nothing quite like saying "Well, I liked the undercut last time..." for your hairdresser to then just take the clippers and shave half your head. Not quite what I was thinking but I'll go with it for now....

  • I'm loving the fact that my cat is clearly super happy that I'm home! It makes me feel loved! Haha! She is super cute though so I'm absolutely fine outing myself as a crazy cat lady on here! (Picture below is my Mollie cat on the first night I was home...she came to just chill out on my bed with me to cheer me up!)

  • I may have indulged in far too much self harm recently. This is in no way anything to be proud of and makes me feel a bit ashamed to be honest. However, it's not something I'm going to be able to switch off instantly so it's going to be another little goal of mine. I'm not sure how I'm going to combat this one just yet but hopefully my other goals per week will help keep my mind busy and keep it off thoughts of self harm.

  • This is one that will crop up time and time again because I am an unbelievably weak human being but......being ignored via text really does get me down incredibly. I know I should be strong and cut certain people out of my life but it really isn't that simply. However, I need to do something because even typing this makes my urge to self harm rise quite drastically, which obviously isn't ok. If anyone has any tips for how to be an incredibly strong human being I'd be grateful if you could leave them in the comments! Haha!
And on that depressing note, thus ends my pros and cons list for this week. I think that I should maybe start doing them in reverse so I leave you with good news instead of depressing bullshit!...instead I'll leave you with this: Beavers don't like the sound of running water and this is partly why the build dams (also for housing obviously.) They will work round the clock to fix a dam if they can hear tricking water. Not sure why they live in rivers and don't just live underground in the middle of the forest, but that's nature for you!

Hope you're all well and I promise to be back blogging properly this week! (Hopefully...)

Until next time,

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