Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Quick Post: International Christmas Beauty Swap!


So for ages I've been thinking about doing a beauty swap and, lucky for me, the lovely Jasmine over at Sweetaholic Beauty has organised one for this Christmas! I really like the idea of getting things that you wouldn't normally be able to try from someone in a different country to you. I also love that it's a surprise as to what you'll get and that it's just before Christmas too! So with all the stressing about buying other people presents, I know I'll have one fun thing to do (I love shopping for and then sending people beauty bits!) and I can spend my time also getting excited about getting a surprise parcel from someone! I know beauty blog swaps can be a bit of a risk (I've heard about people not getting stuff in return etc) but of all the people I've met through blogging, I honestly don't think I've come across anyone that is mean enough to do something like that! I've already got a few bits that I can put into a box, which makes me excited to go and do a bit of shopping for the person I get matched with (depending on what they like etc. Some blog research will be done!)

So if you fancy doing a little swap (I think you can pre-arrange how much to spend etc. I know we're not all made of money...or lucky enough to work on a beauty counter!) then head over to Sweetaholic Beauty to register your interest by the 7th of November!

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