Sunday, 11 November 2012

Sunday Roundup


So I don't really do these as a standard anymore, as Sunday is one of my days off in the week and I've usually got shed loads to do (I say this whilst the pile of work clothes is sat looking at me needing to be washed...) but I thought I'd take a bit of time out from my busy day to do a little blogging without having to wait years to upload photos!


  • I've done lots of clothes shopping this week and this means that I can finally have a bit of an organise of my remaining clothes. I really do need to get rid of quite a few bits as I've just been keeping them for so long even though they look crap on me! I'm a hoarder by nature clearly!! It'll be nice to have a reorganisation day today.

  • I have a brand new shiny counter at work!! My new area manager came down on Friday (7.30am work start...lovely...She did buy us coffee and breakfast though so that was nice!) and we re-merchandised the WHOLE area. It looks so swish and pretty but I kind of wish the eye shadows were at the front because they are really eye catching in their new section! But this does mean that I feel like it's my own proper counter now and I can sort it out to be how I want it to be. The counter before had been in a different store before mine so this one really feels like a brand new shiny job! I really like it, but the lack of a drawer for paperwork is kind of annoying because I now have to keep it in the  cupboards behind but that's only a really tiny annoyance! We've got a gala night at work on Tuesday so I'm really excited to have a new counter! 

  • I've been so busy at work this week with my hours and new counter etc. but I've actually also been bale to find time to see friends and catch up, which has been nice! I'm out again this evening as well which is nice as I'll get to hang out with one of my work friends outside of work, instead of having to chat across the store! I'm really looking forward to it.

  • I got my International Christmas Beauty Blogger match this week too. I got the lovely Neeka from Australia and I'm so excited to start shopping for her! I don't know much about Australia own cosmetics so couldn't think of anything specific to ask for, so if you guys have any ideas then leave me a comment so I can email her about it! I love buying presents and love sending off packages to people as surprises! I'm so so excited!!

  • I got my haircut this week into a fairly different style for me. I have short hair anyway but I was open to trying something a bit different this time round and it resulted in my having half my hair shaved off!!! I was a bit worried (and cold) to start off with, but it's actually growing on me quite a bit. I'm still not 100% sure I can pull it off but I'm certainly going to try! I'll post a picture soon to show you guys what I mean about not being 100% sure and you can give me constructive feedback! Haha!


  • This week has been so hectic at work, I've been really tired. It's been nice to see friends and stuff but I do feel like I'm a bit run down. I don't think it helps that I had my flu jab yesterday (I have to have it because I have asthma....a lovely jab in the arm to wake you up before work!) and having the jab always makes me feel a bit blah for the next few days. Hopefully I'll sleep well tonight and be invigorated for work on Monday and gala night on Tuesday!

  • This is actually both a pro and a con...I'm putting it in the con section because I needed more cons for this week! Haha! Anyway, Mr "I'm so perfect and you're totally mental Robyn" tried to make me feel all mental again at the beginning of this week and I'd finally had enough of it (only took me 2 and half years!) I may have sent a huge ranting text about what a twat he was and I've not heard from him since. It kind of sucks because he was a big part of my life but at the same time, if he thinks it's ok to be a twat then screw it. The worst part is the feeling of worthlessness because he didn't reply and therefore I feel like I'm not even worth a goodbye. Which annoys me because I'm an awesome person really. I may have depression but when it flared up last week and I told him this, he didn't even ask if I was ok. It's a big deal for me to actually tell someone that I'm feeling a little bit overwhelmed and if I do say to any of my friends about it they always ask if I'm ok and he didn't so I clearly don't mean much to him. I get that my depression can be annoying and a burden etc. but I was always there for him when he was depressed so frankly he can just fuck off. Haha! It's been a tough week, and my self harm came back into play about a week and a bit ago and has since escalated a little, which is very frustrating for me, but I'm better than this and I deserve to have someone who will at least care enough to ask if I'm ok if I say about my depression flaring up a bit. I know we were no longer dating but he always used to say about how we're such good friends and I'm so tired this week that I think I just got tired of all the bullshit. I will miss him but I don't think he'll ever talk to me again because he's a stubborn man who doesn't like it when people point out that sometimes he's a twat and sometimes it isn't me. (I mean, sometimes it is me but not always yeah?) Anyway, there is my woeful tale of losing a "friend"....on the plus side there's still time to return the presents I'd already got him for Christmas!....Also I'd got this outfit from Ann Summers that would've blown his basically it sucks to be him! Haha!! I know that may sound harsh but I need humour to get me through the slightly weepy times! 

So there is my week in a nutshell for you. It's been a pretty good week and I may well have to take a picture of my shiny new counter for you guys to have a little look! How have you all been?

Until next time,


  1. It sounds like you had a good week, and I hope you enjoy your new counter! Have a good next week, and thanks for commenting on my post and visiting my blog!

    That's so Fletch

    xo, Jay

    1. Thanks :) I do love your blog and my goal is to actually comment on posts because I really do enjoy reading lots of blogs but never really seem to remember to comment!

  2. aw, im so excited to shop for you too! I already did one trip yesterday and gathered some ideas so i'm just gonna drag it out until it's time to send the package :)
    Sounds like you had a good week, better to have more pros than cons but i do hope you're ok from reading the cons xx

    1. Shopping for someone is always fun I think! There is so much I'd like to get you...I've really got to narrow it down as I'm not that rich!lol! Yeah I think I'll drag it out a little to make it more fun!
      Thanks for that hun, it's nice when people say things like that as it cheers me up a little bit! xxx


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