Sunday, 18 November 2012

Sunday Roundup


So this week seems to have gone quite quickly, but also dragged if that makes any sense at all???'s my (sometimes) weekly roundup for you all...


  • This week was Mega Week in Debenhams, which basically means that we had 10% off on cosmetics. We also had a gala night on Tuesday.....I wasn't sure what to expect and was worried that i wouldn't be very busy at all....but OHMYGOD. I've never felt more in demand at work! Everyone was absolutely lovely though and there were no mean customers (well...on my counter anyway...) I made over £550 in two hours!! Insane. It was also the same amount as one of the other counters made when they had two people on there, so I had reason to be a little bit smug! Haha! I'll find out my final figures for the week tomorrow but I'm pretty sure I made over £1500 for the first time and I totally smashed my Ready and Skincare targets!! If only every week could be like this because it was SO nice to be busy practically all the time. I'm just pleased to have made a nice sum of money this mega week (last time i was the only counter not to make £1000, which made me feel a bit rubbish) For my 6 month super target though, I still have far too much to make in 6 weeks. Pretty sure I won't make it because it's probably going to be dead again this week! Noooo! I'll have lots of cleaning to do though so I guess that'll keep me busy....

  • I finally got the tattoo I've been wanting for ages done. I went in to book it on Tuesday before work and they had a spot the next I took it, told my manager I might be late and that I'd make it up by staying later....and then got a tattoo on Wednesday morning before work. As you do. I'm really really happy with it and am so glad I got it done! My Mum was quite surprised because I've always been a bit vocal about the fact that I'm against tattoo's but I had to explain to her that I don't like it when people get them done just for the sake of it. I always feel like if you're getting something done permanently etched on your body, then it should mean something right? Maybe that's just me but there we go. Anyway, I'm really pleased with mine but I do need to get another bit done to finish it off (I'm not addicted I promise!) I have been really badly because when anyone has asked if it hurt I've replied that "no it didn't really....clearly my years of self harm have finally come in handy!" Apparently that's not a funny joke?? Haha! Anyway, if you guys want to see a picture of it then I'll post if on here so you can all see my pasty white skin with a bad drawing I did etched into it for life....Haha!

  • I've put loads more stuff on eBay today. Really needed to have a clear out and hopefully some of it will sell. I do love a good free listing weekend on eBay but it can be a lot of effort to describe items! I'm always worried that i haven't done them justice or something! Link to what I'm selling is here if you're interested!

  • With my laptop dying a few weeks ago, I've been stuck listening to the same music over and over. I actually sat down last night and pulled some music across from my external hard drive onto this crappy laptop (the screen is literally detachable. Pretty sure that shouldn't happen....) and I've been listening to some albums that I'd forgotten how much I loved! The Maccabees is in there along with MGMT's first album, which reminds me of uni and good times at the first Summer Ball. I miss uni but am having a meet up with some of my best friends from there in January! I'm so excited as it's been SO long since I saw them due to travel being expensive and the hassle of different work times. We have so much to catch up on it's actually a little ridiculous!

  • I brought myself a couple of presents on mega week to cheer myself up. Pretty sure that's a bad thing but I'm so happy with my purchases! I'll be doing blog posts on them sometime this week hopefully!


  • I'm getting pretty sick of the other aspects in my life. To the point where I'm a bit like "next time i get paid....maybe I'll just run away....that works for people right?" (the answer to that is that yes, it does work for some people....but not for people so heavily into their overdraft...Haha!) It's always the same old stuff and I'm just bored and tired. I know this is just my depression raising it's head letting me know that it's still with me (bastard!) but it can sometimes be quite difficult to be super upbeat and ignore the little voice in my head that tells me how weak and annoying I am. What a bummer right? 

  • The new store manager that we have is looking more and more like she's going to be a bit of a dick to be honest. This might be an issue for me at work as I don't take kindly to people yelling at me for petty things like "why didn't you get any accounts on gala night?" " could be because I was too busy on my counter and didn't actually use a till at all...." Also I was yelled at for abandoning the fragrance section to serve someone on my counter. Imagine actually doing the job I'm employed for instead of doing something else? Crazy times. I'm not ok with having everyone be upset on the sales floor and some people actually being reduced to tears on shop floor because of how they are treated.... I love my job but if someone yells at me for something really petty, I tend to not let it slide. No one has the right to yell at me for asking someone what the time is for god's sake. At the end of the day, we're all humans and I'm also a manger and have important things to do. I think sometimes they forget that actually, doing our paperwork is more important than cleaning first thing on a Monday morning. My paperwork has to be in at 10am otherwise a) I could get yelled at, b) it stops someone else from being able to do their job and c) it means that in some cases I could miss out on both my normal pay and my that tiny bit of foundation can stay on my counter for another five minutes! rant over....

  • Mr idiot came over on Friday as well after we'd started having a talk about what a dick he's been on Skype. I think he just came over so he didn't have to continue talking because I'm utterly useless at talking about my feelings in person. Basically we just slipped back into how we normally are and then he went home and I'm left feeling angry at myself and confused. Again. Like normal. Even I'm sick of listening to this boring crap now! I think this might be feeding into the whole "psst...Robyn....running away is what the cool kids do! You should totally do that...." Also I can't decide if my want to return to uni is because I actually want to study something or if it's just another way to try and run away. Why did no one tell me that being an adult was this difficult?! I genuinely used to think that adults just sat at home and ate biscuits all day. Why didn't someone warn me about this?! And where are my biscuits???

So there are my pros and cons for the week. Apologises about the utter boring/bummer of a cons list. I feel like it's all a little boring now so I might stop posting anything like that in my cons list and just keep it to more interesting cons! how are all of you? Good weeks all round I hope!

Until next time,

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