Thursday, 11 April 2013

The Daxon £200 Outfit Giveaway!


So I've been away for a little while due to illness and lack of laptop but I'm currently stealing my Mum's laptop as I got a lovely email from the Daxon team today about a fun competition and I just couldn't resist taking part in it! Basically you make up an outfit from their website up to the value of £200, do a little blog post about it, email it off and maybe win the entire outfit! I really am getting waaaaaay more into fashion than I ever have been and have a few OOTD posts to put up (when I've got time/can ask my Mum if it's ok to take over her laptop again to load up photos from my camera for a proper post!) so this is a nice way to ease myself into proper fashion posts. Now then, I don't claim to be some sort of fashion expert and seriously have issues with clothes shopping for myself so this may not be the most amazingly well put together outfit in the world but it's something I think will suit me and will (hopefully) work for my body shape!

So you could pick anything from the Daxon website and originally I was going to go with this striped top and these trousers....but then I realised that I basically already have that outfit several times over so I decided to go with something a bit different and a bit out of my comfort zone!

So first up every outfit start with a good set of underwear! It's the one thing that will make me feel really good on a night out really (not in a weird way...let's face it, no one is seeing my underwear anytime soon!) It just makes me feel more confident and therefore makes an outfit for me!

So first up is this Playtex® Tonique Shape & Support Contour Bra (£29.00) I really like this nice basic black bra with a heck load of support! I also like the fact that it doesn't show under clothes as a lot of my bras are a bit too fancy for t-shirts and stuff. I went with these Ladies Pack of 3 Classic Lace Panel Briefs (£12.00) because I wanted something a little bit fancy but also something that would match the bra (I'm a HUGE fan of matching bra and pants!) and still be comfortable. Plus 3 pairs is always good as I like to wear my bra for a few days but obviously change my pants everyday, so it's always good to have extra matching pairs! (I'm just going to point out that judging from these photos, Daxon don't seem to photoshop out so called "imperfections" from their models, which I'm a huge fan of! I don't know if they don't photoshop their models at all but I can definitely see some hair on those legs and a bit of discolouration on them too....which makes me feel a bit better about myself as I have craptons of cellulite on my legs and am not exactly super exact when it comes to shaving my legs! This makes me feel a bit happier about shopping on their site for some reason!)

Up next is a good old pair of tights. I chose these DIM® Ladies Shaping and Slimming Tights (£15.00) because I like to wear tights with dresses as I'm not comfortable with just bare legs at the moment. I decided on these ones because a) they aren't too thick so won't be super warm inside and b) they have reinforcement for the bum, tum and thighs! Exactly what I need!! Next up is the main event which is this Créaline® Wrapover V-Neck Dress (£24.00) which I would have in black (there wasn't a picture of the black dress so the blue one give you the idea anyway) I like this because the waist bit sits in a place that flatters my figure more then it sitting on my hips and I could also pop a waist belt on it if I wanted to really cinch it in at the waist. I also like the neckline (total boob dress!) and the fact that it has short sleeves on it to hide the tops of my arms (not a fan of sleeveless dresses or tops) The little bit of bling on the shoulders helps too!

The Créaline® Ladies Milano Knit Jacket (£25.00) is mainly to keep me warm when I'm outside. I think it would go nicely with the dress and I like the fact that it's simple yet elegant. The Two Tone Scarf (£19.00) is another item for wearing outside. I feel the cold very easily so a nice scarf is always handy to have around! I like the monochrome look of this scarf as I think it will tie together the jacket and the scarf.

I love a good accessory so I've gone for the Ladies Square-Stone Costume Earrings (£6.00) and a simple Necklace (£9.00) to go with the bit of bling on the dress. I've only had my ears re-pierced for about 3 months now so I'm on a little bit of an earring binge really! I like these ones because of the undefined grey in the middle. It's not really super intense but will give a bit of something to my ears. The necklace is nice and simple but also a bit fancy too. I like the fact that it's on a simple chain too so it's not too in your face.

Last two items would be these Pediconfort® Ladies Leather Ballet Pumps (£31.00) and Ladies Handbag with Metal Buckle (£29.00) I like the shoes because they sound super comfy, have a small heel to make me feel a bit fancier and stick with the monochrome theme I've gone with. Plus the bow is pretty cute too!The bag is something I absolutely love! The stitching detail on it really appeals to me for some reason. I like the way it'll tie into the outfit well and just finish it off (plus give me a place to store the multiple lipsticks I usually end up with in my bag!!)

All in all I really like this outfit (obviously...) and even if I don't win, I'll be very tempted to get a couple of these bits anyway! I wanted to go for something that I can dress up or down and i think I've gone for something that I could easily transform for dinners out with friends or proper nights out too (I think a change of shoes and a waist belt would be all it would take really!) This outfit choice comes too a grand total of £199 exactly! I think I did quite well putting this outfit together...even if I did have to drop this ring from my selection (a tough decision I can tell you!)

What do you think of my outfit choice? Anything you can recommend to dress it up or down at all? (seriously...I need all the help I can get at this starting point!)

Until next time,

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