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My Tattoos...


So if you follow me on twitter you may have noticed the other day that I posted a photo of myself getting a tattoo. I decided to do a post about them because I get a lot of people asking about them which I think is because a lot of people are surprised that I have any, let alone 8! Tattoos are one of those things that people either love or hate I think. I never really wanted one and was kind of against them when I was younger, mainly because I just never really saw the point of having something permanent put on your body for everyone to see. I still don't really like tattoos on arms/necks/faces/legs just because I personally wouldn't ever want one that was always on show. I always think about what it would look like if I was wearing a really nice outfit or if I was going for a job interview etc. I don't know why I think about things like that, but the thought of wearing a really lovely dress only to be annoyed that my tattoo doesn't go with it is a bit frustrating for me! I mean, I hate it when my nail polish doesn't match my outfit, but that's an easy one to fix at least, tattoos not so much! I also quite like the fact that people don't see mine unless I really want them too....which is possibly a bit funny considering I'm willing to put them all over my blog! I was actually thinking about getting one on my thigh, but I put a lovely temporary Spiderman tattoo on the spot I was thinking about (don't ask where I got that...) and I actually really didn't like it. I didn't mind the placement as at least I could see it, but all I could think about is how crap it would look if I ever wanted to wear sexy underwear again! Imagine if I had lovely stockings and suspenders on (please don't vomit at that thought! Haha!)....and then just had this penguin tattoo (from a kids book no less!) hanging out on my!! Haha!

I got my first one about 7/8 months ago I think (I can't actually remember!) when I was basically having a bit of a mental break down and wanted to change myself and have a reminder of it too... I dyed my hair, shaved off half of it and got a tattoo. It was one that I had drawn myself about 3 years ago and every time I looked at it, I always smiled. What better way to cheer myself up then by getting that permanently etched on myself to remind me of a time when I didn't think I'd get through to my 25th birthday?! Haha! It was a really cathartic experience that sort of woke me up to what the hell I was going through and kind of made me feel like maybe I needed more help than I realised. I know that probably sounds weird but it was almost like a wake up call to show me that this was something I'd been thinking about for a while and I had finally done why wasn't I doing the other stuff I needed to do....frankly stuff that was far more important than getting more tattoos... Once I'd vaguely started to get myself sorted I decided to get two more to finish the collection I had already started, which I will always have as a reminder that I was strong enough to make a decision about needing help. The most recent ones are for the start of my new self. I know it sounds reeeeeeallly lame to say that but it's something that kind of reminds me why I'm doing this and also it'll always make me think about how I can change and for it to be for the better too. I may be putting too much thought into why I got my tattoos and stuff but it's one of those things where I'm bored of being the girl who was too afraid to do or say things that she really wanted too. I spent so much time bottling things up and it's gotten me nowhere really, so why not try and change some aspects that I would like to change, without giving up the fundamentals that make me who I am.

Anyway, enough with the deep chat and on to the pictures! Now then, there are a lot of pictures here...and they do contain pictures of my feet, the actual tattoos being done and some blood too...This is fair warning so that no one complains ok?? (Also I apologise for my feet in advance...they're a bit weird...and by that what I mean is, my second toe is longer than my first and it's weird right?!)

So here are my feet after getting the first one on my toe and the second one on the outside of my left ankle. I decided at this point to ask if I could take photos to blog about. The girl who was doing my tattoos, Stella, is absolutely lovely and has done all my tattoos. I really like her and the way she'll give advice whilst also listening to what you want too. She was also really nice about the whole blogging thing, which was a nice surprise as it's the first time I've ever actually asked anyone if I can take photos for for blog purposes. I was expecting her to say no for some reason but she was really lovely about it and asked me loads of questions about it too which was nice! However, I had not prepared for blogging so my nails aren't all nicely painted or anything, making the pictures a bit more gross for you guys!!

Here's a far away shot of the dinosaur that has been placed on my ankle. They do this by printing it out then using alcohol spray and pressing the paper on to it. Instant temporary tattoo!

Odd shot of my freshly done cat tattoo. You can see it's pretty red round the edges! I don't find tattoos particularly painful, I find it to be more of an irritation. I know it sounds ridiculous but because I've self harmed for 10 years, I have a fairly high pain threshold or can at least stand prolonged pain for longer than some people, which means that to me tattoos aren't very painful but are more annoying if that makes any sense? I mean, if I stub my little toe on a table leg, that is still really painful but because tattoos are more prolonged, I don't find them to be painful, just uncomfortable. The blob of clear stuff you can see on the cat's body by the way, which I'm still not 100% sure what it's for to be honest!

Shot of Stella working on one of my penguins!

After doing the outline. The mess is from where she wipes the excess away. Looks pretty right?!

Just after it's been finished and cleaned up.

This just shows how much blood there is after a smallish tattoo! At one point I had to ask for a tissue as there was actually a little drip running down my ankle....lovely! (Drip can be seen forming in the top right bit of the balloon!) It's a few days later and it's pretty itchy now where it's healing up nicely.

This one shows the importance of tattoo placement. The first one towards the top of the picture is where Stella first placed it, but I wasn't 100% sold on the placement. After looking in the mirror I wasn't happy with it as it was too far over on to the top of my foot. So I got Stella to place it further round and she agreed that it would look better there too - very handy to be able to change you mind before getting it etched on to you for life!

The debate we had before doing this one was if I wanted the blue round the outside or not. I obviously decided to go with the blue and was very happy with it....although it was a mess of colour to start with as you can see! The placing of this tattoo also meant that this one actually hurt like a motherfucker!! It was the only one that I've had where I actually thought about stopping her, but I knew that if she did it would be worse when she went back in again. The curse of having very bony ankles!

Shot of Stella colouring in the blue.

She had the original colour designs next to her so she could work from them, which is always handy!

Close up colour shot. I was in a small world of pain at this point, making all those weird faces you make when trying to persevere with the pain to get it over with!

This is to show what an awkward position I had to be in for the last tattoo! I actually got cramp in my leg at one point!

One final shot to show you the odd angle the Stella had to work at for me.

A shot of my nightly routine for a few days...clingfilm round my ankles and round my big toe. A layer of bepanthen under the clingfilm to help the open wounds heal. It's not the loveliest site in the morning....all tattoos are slightly slimy and need a nice gentle washing....before being cling filmed up again.

And so on with the tattoos! The first 5 are all still very fresh - these were taken the day after getting them so please ignore redness and shininess. I might post better pictures once they are healed if I remember!

Cat - Outside left ankle.

Penguin from Up and Down by Oliver Jeffers - Inside left ankle.

Penguin from Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers - Big toe left foot. This one might be my favourite because it's so cute!

Superman Logo - Inside right ankle. This is the one that Stella said I might need to get touched up once it has healed as it had quite a bit of colouring done to it.

Dinosaur that my friend drew for me - Outside right ankle. This one actually looks better already today and it's only a day after this picture was taken. You can see the eyes and claws a lot better today so it's healing well clearly!

And as a bonus here are the other tattoos!

Superman Stickman - Under left boob... This was the first tattoo I got and the one drawing I've ever done that I really really liked! His hair is my favourite bit. I was tempted to get the cape coloured in red but I quite like it as just the outline I think.

Clark Kent Stickman - Under right boob. Apologies for the angle of this one....have you ever tried to take a picture of something that's underneath your boob without getting obscene with the pictures?? It's pretty difficult!

Kryptonite Crystals - On the right side of my back about halfway down - Photo is a bit odd as I took this myself....which is pretty difficult to do! This one was the most relaxing tattoo I have had done so far. I could've fallen asleep! However, it was also the most difficult to take care of as it's not exactly easy to put cream and clingfilm on your back in an awkward place isn't exactly easy! My Mum was very helpful with this one I must say! I think I would have preferred this one without the bit at the bottom but it looked so weird without it. I'm really pleased with the shading on this one as I only gave her the black outline that one of the guys had drawn for me at the shop. The shading was all Stella and I'm really pleased with how well she did!

So there are all my tattoos so far. I already have an idea of the next one I'd get if I decide to get another one, but I'm not sure if I will or not at the moment. I think the fact that I don't want any on show will hinder where I can put my tattoos, which means I won't ever get a full body suit going on or anything! But I'm happy with what I've had done so far and I will only ever get tattoos when I'm sure of what I want.

So what do you guys think of my tattoos? Do any of you have any at all or would you be tempted to get one (or more?!)? Or do you not like them at all? Hope you're all having a good weekend and haven't been grossed out too much by my feet! Haha!

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  1. I love your Tattoos, think they are very pretty and they ehance your pretty feet and toes!


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