Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Wednesday Want List #1


So I've decided to try and do a weekly thing where I post things that I'm lusting after. Most people call these lust lists/wish lists etc and I always enjoy reading them as it's a nice way to discover some new items all at once sometime! I decided to call mine a want list to go with the name of my blog, which makes sense really. Hopefully this will inspire me to make sure I blog frequently now that I'm back at work....hopefully....don't hold me to that ok??

So this weeks want list includes a few very high end and a few high street wants too...

  1. Giorgio Armani Rouge d'Armani lipstick in Pink 503 - £25 - I'll be quite honest I pretty much just want this for the packaging....and to be able to say "Oh...I just need to top up my Armani lipstick..." Haha! the colour is lovely too of course but i probably don't need to spend £25 on a lipstick....but a girl can dream right??
  3. Tom Ford Lip Colour in Cherry Lush - £36 - Come could you not want this beautifully embossed lipstick?? I looked at these when I went up to Selfridges a few months ago and they swatched beautifully on the back of my hand and if I could have justified £36 on one lipstick I think I would have caved very easily!
  5. Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro in 503 - £25 - I'm more intrigued as to what this really is to be honest. I think it's quite similar to the bareMinerals Pretty Amazing lip colours but, being Armani, I assume it'll be fancier for some reason. I would want to test this first just to make sure I'm not spending £25 on something i basically already own though!
  7. Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Eternal Pink - £4.99 - I don't really get on with cream shadows generally but people keep going on about them on blogs and they always look so nice on people that I'm tempted to buy one just to try it! Every time I look at them I'm always drawn to the pink ones (there's a pink gold one too I think but I couldn't find it online....) but again...can I justify £4.99 on something I might only use once? (Remember...I can't wear this to my job at all so sometimes it can be difficult to justify make-up purchases these days!)
  9. Collection Cream Blush and Highlight in Strewberries and Cream - £4.19 - I really love cream blushers and would love more....and being a highlight whore at the moment, this little duo really appeals to me! I think that this one would be the one I would quickly cave too on pay day! (I'll keep you posted!
So there's my want list for the week....Are you guys wanting anything at the moment? Feel free to leave links so I can do some blog shopping!
Until next time,

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