Thursday, 23 May 2013

Wednesday Want List #2


Sorry for the day lateness of this post...I seem to have heaps of problems with scheduled posts...and by problems I mean, I schedule them and they never actually post. Not sure what the issue with or if I'm doing it wrong, but it does mean that when I'm busy and then have an impromptu cinema visit in the evening (saw Star Trek Into Darkness by the way...and it was epic!) it means that I only discover in the early evening of the next day that my post hasn't actually been posted! Annoying! Anyway, here is the belated post...

This week my want list has mainly been filled with clothes. I really need to build up my wardrobe a bit as I'm crap at clothes shopping and usually end up coming out with all black clothes as they are my comfort clothing colour... With the tiny bit of sun we had I had a little panic about what I'd wear if it were hot like that for more than 3 days, and it turns out I pretty much only have Winter clothes! Normally I'd stick with those and be damned with the odd looks but this year I want a change (to go with the new mentally ok-ish me!) Now then, I haven't gone crazy with clothes as i wanted to ease myself in, but I welcome any/all recommendations please! (Apologies for picture quality this week, I didn't have time to edit it that well so there are a few annoying errors on it!)

  1. Innocence Black Off The Shoulder Skater Dress - £14.99 New Look - Ok ok, I said no black...BUT I have a dress that I absolutely love but have had for over 10 years now (what can I say? It's just the perfect dress to make my boobs look great but hide everything I don't like so much!) and it's worn really...but I won't get rid of it until I've found another suitable black "going out with friends for a night out" dress and I think this could be the one! As soon as I get paid I will be popping into New Look to try and find this and maybe finally part with my beloved first LBD.
  2. Green Mesh Stripe Keyhole T-Shirt - £8.99 New Look - This looks like a nice Summer colour for me without being too far out of my comfort zone, i mean it's still pretty much a basic t-shirt right? The mesh bits mean that I can wear other colours underneath as well.
  3. TUK Black Polka Dot Cat Bow Mid Court Shoes - £49.99 Accessorize - As a crazy cat lady I need these in my life. I really love the Marc Jacobs Mouse shoes but these appeal to me just that little bit more and I love the colours too!
  4. Blue and Red Superman Boxers - £8.99 New Look - Do not judge me for this want! I may or may not already have a couple of pairs of the other Superman boxers that New Look do but these ones are new and more awesome! I can pretend I'm wearing a Superman costume under my work clothes! (Seriously, if I could wear my Superman onesie under my work clothes I totally would....)
  5. Coral Burnout Sweater - £14.99 New Look - I like the fact that this sweater is still in a Summer colour so I could wear it on chillier evenings without reverting to my Winter clothes. Something tells me I might want to get this the next size up though for it to be a bit more snuggly.
  6. Pure Lace Aqua Plunge Bra - £18.00 (2 for £25 mix and match) Ann Summers - I have a whole host of the Pure Lace Under Wired bras and they are damn comfy, but the boning in them sometimes looks a bit odd under tighter clothes (I look like I have wired long nipples basically...) so sticking with the same design, I'm just changing the padding option that's all. Plus the colour means I can have Summer underwear too! (That's not a thing but i just want some new underwear ok?...Despite having loads from when I left Ann Summers and majorly abused my discount...seriously, some still have tags on!)
  7. Pure Lace Aqua Shorts - £8.00 (2 for £12 mix and match) Ann Summers -'ve got to have matching pants right? They do a matching thong for this set too but I can't be dealing with thongs on a daily basis you know? (Seriously...did you see the Superman boxers?? I definitely prefer comfort. Thongs are my sexy pants! Haha!
  8. Kitty Patent Bow Ballerinas - £25.00 Accessorize - I like the look of these for my new work shoes. They are cute and would go well with my all black outfit I think. I'd have to see how comfy they were though due to standing up all day!
  9. Rara Pink/Black Corset - £60.00 Ann Summers - This is just a really pretty piece of underwear to make me feel super confident on a night out....mainly because i live in hope that I will magically have the body of that model! Haha! I just have a thing for pretty underwear, despite no one ever seeing it!

So there's my want list for this week. Have you guys been craving any clothes this week? (Or anything else for that matter?) Bit creeped out by my underwear choices?? Haha!

Until next time,

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