Sunday, 25 August 2013

Sunday/Life Roundup


So I used to try and do a Sunday Roundup each week with a little pros and cons list to sum up my week (a little diary I guess) but, with my depression peaking and what not, this kind of feel to the side for a while. I'm going to try and do it each week again as I really enjoy being able to sum up my week and realise that there are usually more pros than cons! This list isn't going to include 6 months worth of stuff but maybe the last week or two's worth...


  • I did something different last week and went to the Illamasqua Sacred Hour launch in Selfridges, London. It was so much fun to go to a product launch and meet some cool people too (and obviously get some goodies too!!) The event was amazing and really informative too, which was lovely. The main highlight of this evening though was meeting a girl called Natalie who was at the event too. We started off just chatting but by the end of the event I was telling her not to judge me for the amount I was buying, like I do when I'm overspending with any of my friends! We decided to go for a coffee after but then realised we were both really hungry and Natalie, being a London local, showed me down a few side streets on Oxford Street (after we'd discussed that a) neither of us were going to murder the other one and b) that it wasn't a creepy date that was going to lead to a kidnapping!!)  and showed me a place called Ping Pong that she'd always wanted to try. It's a really nice place that serves Dim Sum, something neither of us had tried but both had really wanted to try! It was SO good - food-wise, drinks-wise, company-wise and service-wise too! We ended up chatting for ages and exchanged numbers at the end of the night too. I feel like I made a friend for life that evening as it was so easy to talk to Natalie and it felt like I'd known her for ages (I even told her how many nail polishes I own....quickly followed by another "Don't judge me!!" as she gave me the look I'm used to getting from all of my friends! Haha!) I think she's since realised how bad I am at texting people back when I'm busy with work but hopefully that won't annoy her too much (If you're reading this Natalie, I will text you back quicker from now on I promise!!)

  • My ex-boyfriend sent me a couple of pretty ridiculous texts after someone "emailed him" this blog post. I'll be honest, I feel like it's bullshit that someone would email him anything to do with me, and it certainly wouldn't come from anyone I know as no one I know is even vaguely interested in being in contact with him. Basically, until I get any proof of said email, I'm calling bullshit and assuming he's just checking my blog every now and then (who wouldn't want to have a vague stalker right?? Haha!) Anyway, you might be wondering why this is in my pros section...well, firstly, I found the whole thing to be hilarious really! I'm fairly sure the reason he was annoyed by it was because I was honest and if his new girlfriend also had it "emailed" too her, I'm guessing she wasn't too happy with him texting me last month.....karma's a bitch right? Haha! Also I basically realised how ridiculous and petty he was to make something like that up for no reason. I started off feeling a bit bad about my blog post but then realised that a) I was simply telling the truth and b) he didn't even offer up a vague apology for how he'd made me feel for 3 years. What an utter twat! I got to text him back and make it very clear that I was over him and that I would rather he never contact me again. I don't know who his new girlfriend is but good luck to her!! She can put up with his weird ways from now on and I can get on with my life without having someone dragging me down finally! After I'd sent him my final text I actually felt like a weight had been lifted and that I was finally free of any vague residual feelings I may have had for the guy. It's weird to feel like that, as he was my first boyfriend and such, but it was such a good feeling to feel free of someone who just used to make me feel utterly worthless. The End!

  • Work has picked up this week, which has been nice. It's been pretty quiet over the last few weeks because of school holidays, but obviously people are back and in need of make up again! It just gets really dull when you're stood around just hoping that someone wants to try on a bit of lipstick or something to help you pass the time!!

  • One of my friends has recently landed a job in our local L'occitane Boutique and she had her first event this week. I popped along to be a supportive friend (and obviously play with some stuff too!) and it was a great evening! I've never been in a L'occitane store so didn't really know anything about their products at all. I ended up buying a few bits (and a few more to get the goodie bag naturally...) which I will review for you guys soon.

  • I'm in the process of changing my diet/exercise routine and in the first week alone I've noticed a difference! I've been taking the stairs instead of the lift at work, and despite realising how unfit I truly am, in the 2 weeks I've been doing that my legs are so much more toned and look much better in tights at work! Changing my diet has gone ok for the first week. My work pattern means that I often don't eat lunch though, which is a bit rubbish, but I've lost a whole 1cm round my hips this week so I'm happy with that!! I know it doesn't sound like a lot but my hip area is where I carry a lot of my weight and it does bum me out sometimes. Any advice would be much appreciated though as I am a bit crap at knowing what to do when it comes to exercise!!


  • I overspent drastically this month which wasn't good. I spent £21 on a pair of tights in London.....don't judge me! Haha! The London trip did wipe me out a bit money-wise but to be honest, it was so worth it that I really don't care that I can't spend anything at all this week. I get paid on Wednesday so it's all fine really...however, next month is a five week month for me, which sucks and means I have to be a lot more careful with my money!

  • I've got a lot of blogging/YoutTube stuff that I want to do but am finding it hard to motivate myself that much at the moment. I'm not sure why this is but I'm guessing having a messy desk isn't helping. I'm going to have a good sort through and set my desk up for blogging instead of having lots of make up scattered on top!

So that's my roundup for you for the last few weeks. Not many cons which is nice, I hope it stays like that for a while!! How have you guys been? Any pros or cons for you in the last few weeks?

Until next time,


  1. Delighted the cons are so small and they aren't even that bad. Great news!

    1. I don't know...£21 on one pair of tights is pretty bad!! haha! Thanks hun, it's nice to have blogging friends like you to make me feel less bad about over spending :) (Plus I got the tights out of their packaging today and they are prettier than I thought they would be!) xxx


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