Monday, 21 October 2013

A Little Life Update...


So we all know how bad I am at doing regular blogging/YouTubing but it's been a little worse these last few weeks or so as I've been under a lot of stress/have been quite ill to boot! I kind of like sharing little bits of my life with you guys so I'm basically going to do a quick update, much like the Sunday Roundups I (occasionally!) do...(if only I'd done this yesterday I could've called it a Sunday Roundup! Damn it!)

  • So a couple of weeks ago I had a job interview for the Dior counter in my store. I had no idea how the interview went and was stressed about it as I really wanted the job. That week I was also offered full time with bareMinerals in a store that wasn't very close to me...but still excited me WAY more than the Dior job. I really really thought I wanted the Dior job until the BM one was offered and I think my gut reaction to the BM one made me suddenly realise how much I actually didn't want the Dior one. It was very odd and made much worse when I was actually offered the Dior one...when  told the area manager I needed some time to think, he was quite confused and seemed almost a bit shocked that someone would dare to want to think about working for Dior! Haha! I phoned him and left a message on last Sunday to tell him I didn't want the job and I would've loved to have seen his face! It seemed a bit weird to turn down a full time job but a) I would have been miserable and b) it's right next to my BM counter and i don't think I could've coped with that. I love my BM products and would've found it hard not to help people out on there all the time (currently quite frowned upon when you work for a different company...haha!) Anyway, the girl who works on Dior at the moment is very annoyed with me for turning down the job, but frankly, I would rather lose a friend than take a job I wouldn't be happy in. Obviously, I 'd rather not lose a friend over this too as it's a bit weird to not be friends over something so petty, but I guess we'll see what happens. I decided not to take the other BM job either as it's just too far away and the commute would mean that a) once I'd finished it'd take me another 2 hours to get home and b) the cost would put on to what I'm earning now anyway! In the end a girl who works on Benefit got offered the Dior job instead and she's so happy to be moving to a nice brand and I'm so happy it went to her too!

  • I've been really ill for the last two weeks too. Most of this is due to stress, which has increased my anxiety, which has increased my depression. I was about 21 days into a self imposed caffeine ban and I ended up breaking that ban so I could have a tasty tasty coffee. I felt bad but as I was so stressed, something had to give and I'd rather it was that than my self harm ban you know?! Despite feeling like I failed a little bit on that, I've been feeling a bit better since having some caffeine back in my life! Apparently I'm too addicted to ever go cold turkey again (another big reason I'll never take drugs. Clearly I get addicted easily and can't give up!!) 

  • On the subject of self imposed 30 day challenges, I've been doing a squat challenge where I do 10 squats a day for 30 days (with weights) Now then, I know this isn't huge exercise but for me, it's pretty damn epic! Haha! This has gone SO well for me! The muscle tone in my arms/stomach/legs has increased a huge amount (especially in my arms!) I'm going to add in another 2 exercises for the next 30 days to add to the squats and see how I do on that. I find doing 30 day challenges kind of helps me have a proper goal. If I decide "Oh, I'll start doing exercises from now on" it never really works for me and anything over 10 minutes of exercise for me at the moment is just too much effort for my brain to be ok's like "ok you need to do the 30 day shred.....but I need to tidy up, hoover and find a space to do it first.....maybe I'll do it in a little while..." then I forget until I'm off to bed and then I get mad at myself for not exercising and then I get depressed... Where as, with a 30 day challenge of a 30 second squat routine, I know I can do it and I know I have to worry about space, clothing, finding the dvd etc. I do aim to start up the 30 day shred again soon as it worked so well when I did 7 whole days of it last time! I'm hoping once I've done the squat thing and then the squats + push ups + ? (ideas are welcome for the last part!) thing, I might have a bit more motivation (and energy!) to do the shred! I will keep you updated on this! My goal is to ultimately feel comfortable in my own body. At the moment I feel like I put a tonne of weight on at the end of last year where my douchebag ex-boyfriend had worn me down so much that I thought I was an unlovable, unlikeable, unworthy sack of crap that I didn't really see what the point was in looking after myself, and now that I feel mentally healthy and free of that person I had unfortunately become, I want to be physically healthy too. I know it's going to be tough, and I don't plan on ever denying myself things (I'm going for a friends leaving meal tomorrow and I have no intention of not have pizza!!) but I'm determined to feel better in my skin by my birthday next year! (also know as: I want to look hot in my birthday pictures! Haha!)

  • I did a blog swap with Jasmine from Sweetaholic Beauty for Halloween and her parcel for me arrived the other day. I'll hopefully get a blog post up on my box of goodies this week as it was such a good selection and I'm so happy to have a bunch of stuff to try out from Australia! I love doing swaps, as I've only ever had good experiences from them and just love the surprises that come in the boxes (FYI, Australian chocolate is WAY better tasting than our stuff for some reason!) I would definitely join one for a Christmas swap as it really is a lot of fun!
I'm going to leave it with those few little snippets so I don't bore you to death with my life update! I hope you're all well and feeling excited for Halloween/Bonfire Night/Christmas Shopping!!!!

Until next time,

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  1. Hi Robyn. I found your blog through Jasmine's blog. In her post she says UK chocolate tastes better than Australian chocolate! How funny! Xxx

    Carly's Beauty World

    1. Haha! I guess it's different to what I'm used to and that's why it tastes better?? I know Australian chocolate has added stuff to it that stops it from melting too maybe that's what makes it tasty to me?? Haha! Either way it was delicious! xxx


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