Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Long time, No post!


So.....it's been a year and a half (almost) since I last posted anything on here. I thought I would give you guys a brief overview of what has happened in my life and also why I stopped blogging for so damn long!

Here is a brief history of the last year and a bit:

  • I had been feeling very tired all the time and basically like I didn't want to do anything at all ever (hence the slacking on blogging.) I went to give blood and was told my iron levels were very low and I needed to see the doctor asap.
  • Made a doctors appointment and had a blood test. Confirmed iron levels were VERY low.
  • Had no obvious reason for this.....was sent to hospital for some invasive tests....I NEVER want a tube stuck down my throat when I'm awake again. It's even worse than it sounds....especially as I wasn't allowed to eat anything the day before too. Also had a tube stuck up the other end too but, weirdly enough, this wasn't quite as bad and the Doctor was weirdly happy that I thought it was cool to see my insides on a TV screen!! (TMI???)
  • Find out I've not got an ulcer or anything else sinister (phew!!) but I have got a sliding hernia above my stomach which explains some pain I'd been having but still isn't serious. 
  • Am put onto Ferrous Fumarate tablets for a year.
  • Have just come off them and had a blood test to see what my iron levels are at. Will have another test in 3 months to see if they have changed or not. If no change, great. If they have changed for the worse then there is still something bad happening with my body.
  • Pros to this: when on iron tablets I had a healthy "I look vaguely human" glow to my skin....cons are: now I feel SUPER pale rather than just pale like I used to...rubbish.
  • During all this I moved to a bigger store with my job to cover someone on maternity leave. It was a bigger shock to the system than I thought it would be. Suddenly I was in a bigger store with a part timer and many more customers. I had to seriously adapt quite quickly!
  • Around September last year I felt the need to up my dosage of Sertraline (for my depression and anxiety) as I wasn't doing well. Luckily I didn't slide into old habits and was aware enough to ask my doctor for a higher dosage for a while.
  • I've recently just dropped my dosage again and am feeling really good right now!
  • Went on a few dates too, which was scary but fun. However, I feel like dating isn't really my thing to be honest. I'm quite weird and am honestly, completely happy alone really. My first (and only so far) relationship was pretty toxic and it's kind of put me off but also over the last few years I've grown to actually like who I am so am not interested in anyone who tries to put me down or make me feel like having a couple of mental illnesses is a bad thing. Sometimes my anxiety is bad and I need to just not be around people and I will tell people that. Not in a rude way or anything but if they don't like that then tough shit really!
  • The downside to moving jobs for a while has been the travel times. It basically means that I've been having dinner late at night and I've put on SO much weight. This made my depression flare up, which made me pile on more weight...it was a bad cycle. However, I've recently started to recognise this and do something about it. Slowly but surely I will like the shape of the person I see in the mirror!
  • And to top it all off, I've recently been given orthopaedic shoe inserts to fix my feet finally! I just need some braces now and I'll have completely my classic film nerd transformation! (I already have glasses and asthma too!!haha!)
Basically it's been a long old year and a bit with many health issues, which are finally resolving themselves and I can say all it's done is made me stronger and more determined to prove how freaking awesome I am! 2016 will be my year I think!

I will be back soon with actual beauty related blogging!

Until next time,

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